Frequently Asked Questions


Are we a good match?

Coaching is a very personal endeavor and one in which you have complete confidence in your coach. For this reason, I offer a complimentary 30-minute initial “get to know each other” session for all new clients. This is your opportunity to gain further understanding of the process and, well, get to know me. It is also an opportunity for me to assess your needs and our fit and ensure they are both in alignment.


What is the Initial Commitment?

Since coaching is a process that provides benefits over time, I ask that you make a 1-cycle commitment to get started. The majority of my clients, however, continue coaching beyond that point because they find that the positive effects of coaching are well worth the financial and time investment they make. My average client stays for 3 to 6 cycles, and during that time, my clients are able to realize major changes in their lives and make terrific progress on meeting their personal and professional goals. Because you are willing to make the commitment with your time and money, I’m willing to stand behind my coaching and ensure you’re comfortable with your commitment. During your first cycle, if you do not feel like you’re benefiting from coaching to your expectations, I will offer the opportunity to cancel paid-for sessions and refund the money from your unused portion of your cycle. This is my commitment to you that my services truly will transform your life.

Is the Cost of Coaching Tax Deductible?

If our coaching work is focused on supporting your business or your career, then your fees may be tax deductible. Please check this with your tax advisor, and if you need me to, I am glad to supply a monthly invoice for your records.


How is Coaching Different from Consulting?

A consultant is an outside expert hired to find solutions for specific problems. A coach considers the clients the experts and is the conduit that guides them toward discovering their own resources for creating new possibilities

How is Coaching Different from Counseling?

Counseling centers on the client’s past experiences and how they impact the client’s current life. Coaching focuses on the now and what’s possible by letting the past be the past and understanding that holding on to it affects your future.


How is Coaching Different from Friendship?

Friends are a fantastic resource for opinions and agreement, but they often lack the objectivity required for true breakthroughs. Coaching creates a safe space to explore what’s possible from within yourself while your coach remains objective and free of judgment.


How is Coaching Different from Sports Coaching?

Sports coaching is very much about win/lose. Sports coaches are striving for forced results with direct positive and negative reinforcement. Personal coaching is very much about win/win. The power within yourself creates your victory. Your coach is your champion to help show you the way.

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