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Corinne is one of the most inspirational and thought-provoking individuals you will ever meet. She will challenge you to look at your life and whatever obstacles you may be facing in a different light, helping you examine those self-created roadblocks and what may be behind the fear stopping you from moving forward or making a change. She is authentic and amazingly intuitive. Corinne has an innate ability to go right to the core of a challenge at hand and present thought provoking questions you might not have even thought of. She will encourage you to go out of your comfort zone and really look within, and ultimately teach and encourage you to manifest the things you want out of life.

Krista Quicke - Business Executive, SAP Fieldglass

Cori is the epitome of everything I want to be and who I want to become. She has such a beautiful perspective on life that is reflected in her outgoing personality. She has challenged me to stop striving for perfection because, to her, who I am and where I’ll go is perfect for me. Her ability to sit down and really listen to me and to others is unbelievable, as it provides a space that encourages me to open up and discover myself on levels I have never dared to reach. Cori has a foundation firmly rooted in such a wonderful perspective of life that she is able to mirror life in a more positive and manageable way. With her big warm smile and blue eyes that dance in the light, talking to Cori and giving her the permission to coach me is undeniably a blessing in my day. Her ability to make me feel invincible is so powerful. Without her, I would strive to be textbook perfect. But with her, I’ve come to the realization that where I go in life and who I become will become the highlight of my own potential.

Hannah Poe - Biochemistry Student, University of Wisconsin

Speaking as someone whose mother has experience in alcoholism counseling and whose aunt works as a social worker, I can in all certainty say that Corinne Hancock is the best life coach I have ever had the pleasure of working with. I use that phrase purposely—’working with’—because ‘Cori,’ as she is affectionately known, is unique in her ability to level with youth as an equal who truly has our best interests at heart. She is neither judgmental nor removed to any degree, and in my conversations with her, I have found both a mentor and a close friend. Her coaching and perspective is not that of someone who ‘knows better’ but simply that of someone who has faith in you and has been around the track a few times. Her uncanny ability to root out the source of an issue and understand things seemingly without effort never ceases to amaze.

Dylan Wells - Economics Student, Carleton College

I was lucky enough to have Corinne as a coach this past summer. We spent a month in Kenya, which, as you can imagine, brought up many tough things for all of us. From poverty to women’s rights to relationships back home, Corinne’s coaching gave me a perspective I was unable to find myself. Instead of telling me what to do, she guided me through questions until I figured out how to move forward. Now that we are back home, she is still the first person I want to talk to whenever I need perspective or advice. Corinne is a role model due to her deep morality, wisdom and compassion. I value her more than I can say.

Caroline Meserve - Intern, US Senate

Energy, passion, creativity and a high standard of personal investment make it such a pleasure to work with Corinne. Her contagious enthusiasm for thinking beyond the norm had us re-examine old patterns and habits, and her quest for efficiency pushed us into new strategies that really worked. Yet what really shines about Corinne is how much she loves growing and learning in tandem with others—it is this quality that makes working with her such a noticeably shared experience.

Brady Rhodes - Co-Founder, Bold Leaders

Corinne has a direct way of asking questions, listening, collaborating, being vulnerable and dependable that inspires those around her to be the best they can be. She helped me by turning on my own internal light and power of questioning and knowing, that helped me go one step beyond where I thought I could go.

Allison Lusero Hoffman - School Counselor, Denver Public Schools

Working with Cori as a facilitator has been an awesome experience. She brings her entire being into her work, which ignites the passion and inspiration of her participants through genuine interactions. Cori draws on her wealth of diverse life experiences and immense knowledge of coaching and facilitating to truly relate to and shift her audiences perspectives. I have learned a lot while working with Cori, and truly appreciate her willingness to give me feedback and support me in my own growth as a facilitator.

Charles Smith - Teen Facilitator, Bold Leaders


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