Training and Coaching

Corinne is committed to helping individuals and organizations Thrive in Chaos. Corinne provides coaching to her clients in a variety of ways through workshops and one-on-one sessions.


What is to live a powerful life?

Living a powerful life is choosing to live a life you love and living it powerfully and always contributing authentically. Chaos is a powerful force! It can either take you down or rise you up. There is no avoiding the chaos in our lives but there is a way to thrive within in it.

Living Powerfully is living a life that allows you to really know who you are and what you are committed to.  It is having the freedom to make choices that are in alignment with your values—values and belief systems that are determined by you, not your circumstances, family, culture or past.

When you are living a powerful life

You are truly in love with life and become unstoppable. Fear is used as a catalyst for positive action.  You see things differently: The world and its challenges are opportunities that you are excited to conquer. You are no longer stopped by the fear of failure or scared to try on your own power. You get to stand in and experience the most amazing individual, you!

Will you still have challenges and chaos in your life? Yes! But like building a new muscle you get stronger each time you practice, each time you break through the barriers that are holding you back.  Living a powerful life starts with the acknowledgement of these challenges and building the muscles that will turn them into opportunities.

Living a powerful life is reconnecting with ourselves, our strengths and our desires, which have atrophied from lack of use. it is time to re-establish a relationship with a new and open you and to recognize the power within yourself to create a life you love, to live that life powerfully and contribute to your world around you authentically. 



Perfect for: Sales Teams, Marketing Team, Executive Team, Fundraising Organizations, Associations, Small business owners

  • Operate in chaotic environments with limited resources.
  • Want new ways to collaborate with others effectively.
  • Want to increase their effectiveness working with diverse populations.
  • Seek to enhance the effectiveness of their communication.

In business and in life, we’re put to the test not when things are going right, but when they get chaotic. How we react can be the difference between success and failure, and determine whether our team comes together or falls apart. Learn strategies to adapt your thoughts and plans on a moment’s notice, lead through uncertainty, and thrive in chaos.

Using Corinne’s Chaos Ready Framework, we’ll explore how to get your company chaos ready and how to stay in a mindset focused on solutions when chaos hits. We will explore what you do, how you respond and who you are as a leader during times of chaos.

Participants will gain practical tools and ideas for how to rise to the occasion and to empower others, regardless of their chaotic situation.

Value to Participants:

  • Understanding and clarity on how your thoughts, actions and language influence others, and impact your ability to lead and thrive in chaos.
  • A tested framework to prepare your company, your team and yourself to thrive in chaos, no matter the environment
  • Tools and exercises you can immediately use to engage and inspire both yourself and your team regardless of situation.

Up to 6 hours. $3,000-$5,000


Perfect for: Individuals and business teams who are looking for help with a specific challenge.

This is the preferred method of coaching for results-oriented teams & individuals designed to bring Corinne in when chaos hits. During the Chaos Busting Session Corinne and the client meet via virtual conference for an intense, 45-60 minute session. Prior to the meeting, clients participate in a chaos assessment, taking a quick online assessment that will help Corinne identify the chaos, the source and impact.

There is no Chaos Proof solution to the chaos in our lives or business but there is a way to be Chaos Ready and Thrive in Chaos! Get into action and get the chaos in your life to no longer be a distraction.


What I will get:

  • An in depth Chaos assessment to clearly identify the chaos in my life or organization.
  • A deep dive on my key sources of chaos.
  • Coaching through the application of the Chaos framework directly to my situation.
  • A personalized next-step action plan to thrive in Chaos.


Coaching is a very interactive activity. You will be challenged to look deep, go deeper and push yourself further. I provide a safe space for you to explore your thoughts and challenges, peel back layers and discover new “truths.” There are no “wrong” choices, only endless possibilities, and together we can find them in you. Coaching does require you to play and play all out. This is your life, and in order for you to gain the most from your coaching experience, you have to be on the court. I will challenge you and the walls you’ve put up around you, but when you leave a session, you can count on feeling charged and uplifted.

Leadership Coaching

Leadership coaching is a very powerful tool that winds its way through every aspect of my coaching practice and has a real and direct impact on career trajectories, personal relationships and communication among friends, family and co-workers. I offer specific leadership coaching for those who are or want to be in positions of leadership, whether those positions are in the military, politics, business, non-profit/social entrepreneurship, or any decision-making role. Leadership coaching will show you the road to true leadership, where exercising leadership is your natural self-expression, rather than a skill you attempt to use only when called on.

Teen Coaching

Young people have very different and powerful needs that are often overlooked or trivialized. This is a unique time in a young person’s life. Having a coach on the difficult path to adulthood has a huge and lasting impact on who a young person is and what he or she is committed to. I specialize in teen coaching with an emphasis on character and leadership development, and truly stand for teens being who they can be and living in their own skin comfortably and powerfully. Teen coaching starts with allowing young people to express who they are, giving them the freedom and safety to understand where they come from and show them where they could go. Accountability, awareness and understanding help guide young people to their true full potential and unlock the confidence and leader in all of us.

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