An Executive Leadership Excursion

Kenya- February 2019

As a business leader, you’re on point to make decisions, set strategies and engage your teams to deliver success.  The decisions you make impact people’s lives and your business.


All over our globe, village leaders are facing these same challenges every day, and the outcomes of their decisions can mean life or death for their villages.  They’ll either survive or perish based on their decisions and their leadership.


In this immersive African leadership excursion, Corinne Hancock takes a small group of business leaders into Kenya to observe how elders of poor villages are villages are learning how to create success with precious few resources, but huge amounts of ingenuity.  They are doing it with coaching, plan creation, limited budgets, imperfect teams, and lots of trial and error.  Just like you do in your business.


Take yourself out of the office to change your perspective.  This experience will challenge your thinking about leadership, problem solving, managing teams, and the definition of success.  You will come away with insights about the universal principles of leadership that deliver results regardless of whether you’re running a company or leading a tribe.

February 2019

A Transformational Leadership Experience in KENYA

What can you learn…what can you share?

Joining Corinne in partnership with GHNI on a short-term imersive leadership trip is a once in a lifetime opportunity! You will work alongside villagers in Kenya to help them find solutions to their community challenges. We will use an approach called Transformational Community Development which empowers the village leaders to inspire their own community members to take action and end their own extreme poverty. Not only will you travel to regions of our beautiful planet where few are able to visit, but more importantly, you will help to empower villagers who are working to end their own extreme poverty. It is not up to you to solve the problem it is up to you to inspire the village leaders and community members to solve their own. What leadership, business and life skills can you share? What can you learn from village elders? Your experiences in life and business can be part of the solution.

TRIP COST:  $4,375

Includes all in country expenses:

Travel Visas, In Country Transportation, Lodging, Meals, Ground Transportation, Workshops, Village Activities, Emergency Evacuation Insurance and Safari! 

Does not include:

International Airfare, Travel Insurance, Souvenirs

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