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Who is Corinne Hancock?

Corinne Hancock is a globally recognized expert in building world-class leaders, effective teams, and cultural proficiency in chaotic environments. With over a decade of international aid and development experience working around the world, she is developing bold leaders, building highly effective teams, conducting medical training and directly delivering medical care.

Corinne Demo Video

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Best speaker of the year! Corinne provided one of the most engaging presentations I’ve experienced

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Speaking and Training

Thriving In Chaos

Using Corinne’s Chaos Ready Framework, we’ll explore how to get your company chaos ready and how to stay in a mindset focused on solutions when chaos hits. We will explore what you do.

Lead With Impact

Understanding the diverse perspectives of your team is a critical skill of great leaders. It allows leaders to appreciate multiple points of view, build trust, and create the best plan for charging forward.

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